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Dubizzle UAE Website was Hacked

Dubizzle UAE Website was Hacked

Dubizzle Website of Dubai, UAE was Hacked

A famous website was attacked in UAE

Posted by Ola Zain, August 22, 2015 Last Updated: Aug 22, 2015

The company described the damages that attacked to the website on August 3, 2015. A number of the website users mentioned that they have been recently demanded to change passwords when visiting their accounts on the website.

Dubizzle Company announced that their website has been hacked on the internet; as a result, the company has lost a small part of their data.

The company confirmed that the financial data on the website is safe and has not been exposed to any infiltration. The company said in their message that this is a safety measure and the hacking has been contained and did not affect the subscribers in UAE. The company said that they changed all subscribers’ passwords in United Arab Emirates. Changing passwords is one of the procedures that are of the best practices, according to Berry Gadge the general director of the website.

While visiting the website during writing these lines, the company advertisement appears in the top of the website and refers: “we noted suspicious activity on the website. Thus, as a safety measure, we removed the passwords of all UAE Dubizzle users. We want you to reset the password of your Dubizzle account by clicking here. Always make sure that the website link in the title bar at the top of the internet browser is dubizzle.com”

Gadge confirmed the database that has been exposed to hacking does not contain neither financial information nor non-coded passwords. The company does not save the details of credit cards. The financial data are coded and saved separately in a safe network of a third party.

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