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Target country in Google Webmaster Tools

Target a geographical location in Google Webmaster Tools

Target a geographical location in Google Webmaster Tools

Tell Google Webmaster Tools about your countries or regions target

Posted by Ola Zain, May 2, 2015

You should first create a Google Webmaster Tools account, then add your website to Google Webmaster Tools as we explained in the previous article.

Google search shows the most relevant and useful sites as a response to the search request performed by the user. Therefore, the results shown to a user in United Arab Emirates may be different from shown to a user in Saudi Arabia.
If your site is on international domain on a high level such as .com or .net and targets users in specific geographical locations, you may provide Google with information that help in defining the form that your site appear with in search results. This leads to optimize Google search results regarding geographical search requests and will not affect the viewing your site unless the user specify the search domain on a particular country.

If your site on a domain including the country symbol in the high level (.ae), this means that it is related to a geographical location (such as UAE). In this case, we will not be able to define a geographical site.

Specifying the target country

  • 1
    Go to search traffic list.
  • 2
    Select the tab “country” from international targeting department.
  • 3
    Mark the box of choosing the geographical target and select the target country.

If you want to make sure that your site is not associated with any other country or area then, select unlisted option in drop down list.
If no information is added into webmaster tools, Google will greatly depend on the country domain of this site like (.ae or .eg). If you are using international domain such as .com or .net, Google will depend on multiple signs including IP address, site information on the page, links that lead to the page and any information related to Google locations. If the host has been changed to the country domain, no effects should happen and if the host has been changed to international domain to provider in another country, we recommend using webmaster tools to inform Google with the country that your site should be associated with.

This setting is specified only for geographical data if you were targeting users in different locations. For example if you have an Arabic link you want users to read in Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, you should not use this tool to specify Egypt as geographical location but defining Egypt as useful geographical target for a website of a restaurant as an example. If this restaurant was located in United Arab Emirates, it is not likely to be of an interest for people in Saudi Arabia, but if the content was in Arabic language and represent an interest for people in multiple countries or regions, it would not be more likely better to be confined a particular geographical location. Target country in Google Webmaster Tools

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